Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Naughty Aunt

Let me explain you my story, berfore that a bit about me 'm a good looking guy of 24 yrs and honestly I have many friends who are females, most of the times I have noticed that married woman's eyes spend lot of time on my body particularly on my chest and dick. For no reason few females tour my back pretending as if they are patting on my back. I have long dick and at times its hard to wear trousers as my little brother gets excited anytime. Among few incidents happened with me, the story that I' am narrating to you occurred some 2 years ago with my aunty. To explain about her, she must be around 45 all in our khandan are her fan as she is a walking bomb. In simple words she looks like Dimple Kapadia, very naughty eyes, amazing boobs like rugby balls, silky navel and firing ass. She'e well maintained and well curved from all angles. Poor my aunt as my uncle looks like her younger brother and most of the times he's busy. This aunt has a eye on me as I remember while we were returning from a marraige ceremony and I happened to sit near her through out the journey of 2.5 hours, even though I wanted to join my cousins who were dancing and singing she didnt allowed me, infact she pressed hard on me, I felt her hot breath and whispering moan. This time I was visiting their home, my uncle leaves at 10 and my cousins leave before my uncle only so after 10:30 my sexy aunt is alone. I had woke up late, so after all left I was taking out towel, underwear from my bag for bath. I never realized my aunt gazing at my back. After sometime I went into the bathroom I had removed my trousers suddenly there was knock on bathroom door, I opened it only to see my aunt with her tightly folded hands around her breasts looking at my dick. Again for no reason she asked if I knew which tap is for hot water and which one for cold, I continued my bath and I noticed my sexy aunts undergarments in the bathroom, it was red underwear and black bra. Naughty I am, honestly speaking I tried both in bathroom and smelled as well, aah I dont know but there was some joy. After I was done with bath I came out only to see my aunt who was a bit shy now near the dressing table but was looking a bit strong also. I was only in towel but has my underwears, she came back and sat on bed as I was using their bathroom, for some moment I was out of words and dint knew what to do. Till now she hadnt looked at me, but now she did, it was like a young teen aged girl looking at you, I was a bit nervous. But nothing happened Its breakfast time now, I came wearing trouser and baniyan, my aunt also hadn't had breakfast, now while serving her breasts touched my forehead and a current passed by me, I was stunned, we both looked at eachother, she put her hand on visible part of navel and was very shy. It was greatest courage that I had, sitting only I raised my hand and touched and right breast, aaaahhhhh..... It was as soft and smooth as cotton, there were no bones in that. Consciously this is for the first time I touched a matured sexy womans breast. Trust me it was amazing, my aunt never resisted for this. I always knew that she has a eye on me. She was actually looking at the ceiling and was shy and nervous. I put my cheek on her navel, it was very white and glowing and very very smooooth. I forcefully pulled the saree end she was holding covering her breasts and wow, I could see her amazingly well sized white and tight boobs. Her blouse was kind of mehendi colour, I kissed navel and rolled my hands on her back. Her ass was structured to be touched. While pressing her boobs, I bit her neck, kissed behind ears, chin and put my hand inside blouse from behind. My kisses stamped her everywhere from forehead to visible part of the boobs. I unlocked her blouse by now her moans were like a whore. On opening her blouse I realized that she was not wearing bra, her nipple area was large and was much black in colour. I pinched her lips and bit her nipples many times and pressed boobs like a mad. No one in house, it was a heaven for me.


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